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Kuuon Media Pvt. Ltd

IPR Protection
At Kuuon Media, we always pay special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues. We understand a truly effective security as a system that is followed by every employee and affiliate. We deeply respect our customer’s intellectual property rights and business data and take comprehensive measures to safeguard them. A whole range of security procedures and policies are accepted at different levels.
"IPR Protection in India - Ministry of External Affairs: November 21, 2006
India is a signatory of TRIPs in the Uruguay Round agreement of 1995 and complies with its international obligations under the TRIPs Agreement."

Kuuon Media respect the Intellectual Property Rights of customer and take various measures to protect customer IPR.
Contractual Security:
We sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with customers to maintain full confidentiality of your information, even before signing the formal contract with you. We sign another NDA with all our employees so that there is a legal binding to protect your intellectual property. Your trade secrets remain safe with us. We also sign a “no reverse engineering” clause to keep your intellectual property (IP) rights safe and secure. Thus, your proprietary information stays with the best possible IP protection methods deployed by us.
Network Security:
Majority of the Intellectual property thefts occur through the electronic media. We have privileged access for your project and data, along with configured firewalls to restrict unauthorized access. All our network links are secure and closely examined so that your data is always secure and safe. Only authorized professionals have access to the systems at our development center after proper verification and authentication. We monitor our servers regularly for any traces of unauthorized access, and use stringent measures to avoid all types of hacking. We ensure that all security guidelines stipulated by the client is adhered at all times.
Code Security:
Source codes are password protected with restricted access and it is available only to the members working on that project. A proper version control procedure ensures effective tracking of the changes done in the code. Adequate back-up measures are available for data redundancy during the project life cycle. Backed up data is kept in a secure access area in the global delivery centers as well as in a well-defined offsite storage area to protect from natural disasters.

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